Etihad Cargo, the logistics and cargo branch of Etihad Airways, has unveiled an advanced AI-powered solution to transform airfreight operations and increase cargo capacity on flights.

The UAE-based carrier will launch the solutions in Singapore and will be expanding their use across Etihad Cargo’s worldwide network.

Through their partnership with Speedcargo, Etihad Cargo has been given access to cutting-edge AI capabilities that improve efficiency, reliability and customer service in the long run.

This is following the successful Singapore trials of Speedcargo’s Amplifi, Cargo Eye and Assemble technologies.

Martin Drew, SVP at global sales and cargo highlights how the successful trials allow Etihad Cargo to increase cargo capacity utilisation across their fleet: “Since embarking on its digitalisation strategy in 2018, Etihad Cargo has developed, trialled and launched new technologies and solutions to provide customers and partners with an improved service offering.

“The recently completed trials of Speedcargo’s AI-powered solutions have demonstrated it is possible to improve cargo capacity utilisation across Etihad Cargo’s fleet and standardise cargo acceptance and build-up processes to improve the consistency and quality of cargo handling at stations within Etihad Cargo’s network.”

According to GlobalData, Etihad Cargo entered a Proof-of-Concept agreement with Speedcargo technologies in 2021, becoming one of the very few international carriers to use the AI solutions from the Singapore-based firm.

Speedcargo’s, Amplifi is just one of the solutions used by Etihad Cargo to optimise the cargo loads on each trip.

The system dynamically determines free and useable capacity and allows Etihad Cargo to optimise the amount of cargo carried on its aircraft and greatly lower the risk of overbookings by utilising the system-generated ULD level load plans.

Cargo Eye, the second solution used, is powered by Speedcargo’s proprietary algorithms and Microsoft’s IOT Edge technologies.

This system enables real-time exchange of cargo information for load planning, build-up planning and forward operations by digitising cargo as it reaches the carrier’s ground handling stations.

With the help of the load plans produced by Amplifi, Etihad Cargo will use Assemble, its third Speedcargo solution, to build up ULDs digitally at its network of ground handling stations.

Supercargo’s Amplifi offers ground handling partners a user-friendly solution with build-up blueprints that detail each step of how to construct ULDs that are safe and effective.

Martin Drew concluded: “Etihad Cargo, with the launch of these AI solutions, is creating an information-rich network that connects airline operations and ground handling for better planning and decision-making.”

Etihad Airways started a pilot project to apply these solutions in Frankfurt, Germany, in order to expand the use of cargo-maximising technology.