Infrastructure Net Zero is a cooperative project launched today by seven private sector trade organisations and three federal agencies to coordinate, cooperate, and report on Australia’s infrastructure’s journey to carbon emissions “net zero.” The plan is backed by lawmakers and the federal government.

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) announcement focused on the need to advance the highest-priority initiatives that will promote long-term policy change.

According to the Australian Government, the transport industry in Australia is the third greatest source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 19% of total GHG emissions.

Catherine King, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Development of Australia said: “Today’s announcement is yet another demonstration of the Albanese government’s commitment to work with industry and across governments to ensure Australia’s transport and transport infrastructure sectors play their part on the path to net zero emissions – in a sustainable way that supports communities.

“This builds on the recent decision by Infrastructure and Transport Ministers to establish the new Infrastructure Decarbonisation Working Group, which will explore ways to reduce embodied emissions in transport infrastructure while strengthening the global competitiveness of Australia’s infrastructure and transport sectors.”

The programme is led by a Steering Committee which provides guidance over the work plan. The committee has ten members:

Australian Constructors AssociationGreen Building Council Australia
Australasian Railway AssociationInfrastructure Australia
Clean Energy Finance CorporationInfrastructure Partnerships Australia
Consult AustraliaInfrastructure Sustainability Council
Dept of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications & the ArtsRoads Australia

The work plan consists of four sectors which include:

  • Defining net zero for infrastructure
  • Public /private sector alignment
  • Uplifting capability in the supply chain
  • Procurement for net zero

“We look forward to working together with stakeholders from every part of the sector to accelerate the pathways to net zero and accelerate action on the infrastructure which enables our nation to thrive,” said Ainsley Simpson, CEO of Infrastructure Sustainability Council.